We're excited to share that this year we'll be returning to a live event on April 16 on Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto. Doors open at 7pm.

We are excited to announce Tyler Shaw will be performing at Fast in the 6 this year!

We have an amazing line up of talent including Wali Shah, Spoken Word Poet, First Up with RBCxMusic artist Noa, Saraphina Violin, Bryn, and the show is hosted by Youtuber and comedian Zaid Ali.


It's time, Toronto! It's time to unite. It's time for a fresh spring start and it's time to celebrate. Fast in the 6 will once again be able to celebrate our motto: Diversity, Unity and Prosperity towards a shared bright tomorrow for all of us.

Toronto's celebration to mark Ramadan will return to Nathan Phillips Square after two years of cancellations caused by the pandemic. Join us on Saturday, April 16th to celebrate the diversity and inclusion that makes Toronto so vibrant and special. In the spirit of Ramadan, we invite Torontonians and visitors alike to come together and participate in the simple but powerful act of sharing a meal. In addition to delicious food, the evening will also be filled with fun, live music and fireworks! The event will start at 7pm with remarks at 7:30pm along with the sunset breaking of the fast and entertainment taking place at 8:02pm.

There will be delicious food to enjoy all evening long. Maple Lodge Farms/Zabiha Halal and Sobeys/FreshCo will hand out free meals to break the fast at sunset. There will also be food trucks serving up delicious eats. As in past years, the evening of celebration in the Square will include music and entertainment as well as spectacular fireworks from the top of City Hall. Canadian Platinum- selling artist Tyler Shaw will be performing at Fast in the 6 this year! You might know him best for his song Love You Still (abcdefu - romantic version) which is popular everywhere, especially on TikTok..Tyler's third studio album, the eponymous Tyler Shaw features the hit summer anthem "Remember," the romantic ballad "When You're Home," and new pop hit single "I See You."

Stay tuned for announcements of other exciting performers closer to the event. A portion of proceeds from this year's event will go to Second Harvest.

2022 sponsors include: Sobeys/FreshCo, Maple Lodge/Zabiha Halal,TD, RBC, Torys, Oxford Properties, Air Canada and Boom Health.

Message from the Chairs

Dany H. Assaf
Lisa Assaf

Dany & Lisa Assaf

In the 21st Century, prosperity is best guaranteed by all Torontonians having the opportunity to make the most of their potential to succeed for themselves and to strengthen our great city economically and socially. Toronto and Canada's greatest asset in today's global economy is our foundation and history of inclusion and openness to a diversity of ideas and talent.

Toronto is a beacon of social and economic opportunity and its time is now. Cities that stand with and protect that opportunity for all will attract even more talent and prosperity to ensure the engines of the modern economy can be fully unleashed and work for everyone.

Business in the 21st Century needs to be everybody's business and create opportunity for each in order to generate greater prosperity for all. Celebrating the Ramadan breaking of the fast is meant to be a powerful example of that opportunity for everyone and why Toronto is a city that represents that future today.

We are very much looking forward to hosting our live event with all of you again on Saturday, April 16th! Stay well and stay safe!

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What is Ramadan?

Ramadan (Ram·a·dan) is a special and eagerly awaited month that over 1 billion Muslims all around the world commemorate through spiritual devotion. Many observe fasting, which means refraining from satisfying physical appetites everyday from dawn to dusk. It also means exerting extra personal effort to prevent harm through words and actions, and increase communal benefit through kindness and charity. A breaking of the fast, also known as Iftar (If·tar) happens together with family and friends every night as soon as the sun sets, in gratitude for all the blessings we enjoy.

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